Monday, May 16, 2011

Graduation Card

Laura was very creative with my graduation card, so I decided to repost it here.  The lines in bold are the original lines on the card, and the not-bold lines are what she added.

Unforgettable College Memories
Libraries explored.
"Stay out of the dark."
Ideas exchanged.
"It's a Kakuna!"
Beliefs challenged.
Circuit City is great...wait
Questions answered.
"We need to talk!" (She wasn't interested.)
Answers questioned.
"Cornflower and emerald?"
Music cranked.
On the radio show
Wallets emptied.
Paying for gas
Grades sweated.
Grading students' papers
Finals crammed.
"tweet tweet tweet"
Laughter shared.
Crabby dance
Tears shed.
But you got through
Lives touched...
Who knew I'd be planning to spend my life with the dorky kid in the orange hat.
Goals achieved!
You must be so proud.
Congratulations on Your Graduation
All my love,