Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pregnancy, Or Why Stretch is Freaking Out

At the time of this writing, I am 22 years old, going to be married in 84 days, and following many of my friends on Facebook and otherwise as we graduate college and our future lives really start to take shape.  Of course, this means life-changing stuff.  My first shocker came freshman year when my roommate happened to be engaged.  That threw me for a bit of a loop, but this whole engagement thing became the norm and I eventually fell into the "trap" as well, becoming the first of my close friends to wind up looking at flowers while they were still enjoying the single life.  I managed to nail two stereotypes in one go; becoming engaged fresh out of college (something I did NOT think would happen just a few years ago until my wonderful fiancĂ©e decided to mess up my plans) and becoming engaged to someone at Doane.  Seriously, that college (and I imagine many others) has a ridiculously high rate of "inbreeding".

*Generic Welcome Post*

I feel that an introduction is in order.  Hello, I am Jacob Leuenberger (not the Jacob Leuenberger that is a murderer, mind you!), better known on the internet as Stretch Longfellow, a moniker that I created in middle school after being given the nickname Stretch.  After repeated attempts to shake it, it more or less has stuck, and is also the name I publish the webcomic Spoofy Randomness under (there is a link to the three most recent comics to your right, as well as a RSS feed link to this blog, FYI).  I had taken up blogging about random thoughts on Facebook, but given the recommendations of some of my friends I decided to go public.  I took all of my Facebook posts and put them here as well, but anything from this point on is BRAND NEW STUFF (well, until you've read it).  You will eventually notice a recurring theme of Doctor Who reviews as I analyze each Doctor (if you haven't read my Eighth Doctor review, FOR SHAME), but I intersperse other material as well, such as this next one. (Also, I tend to abuse comments in parentheses.  Fair warning.)

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Eighth Doctor: Worst Doctor Ever, or the Second Coming?

Another reason why Fox is not allowed to run TV showsThe Eighth Doctor, portrayed by Paul McGann, has been widely critisized, and with good reason.  He only makes one "real" appearance in TV canon (later appearing as a sketch in John Smith's diary and using old footage in The Next Doctor and The Eleventh Hour), and this appearance has many marked flaws.  Doctor Who: The Movie suffers from being a direct-to-TV movie made in 1996, and given the absence of Doctor Who at the time (it went onto hiatus in 1989 and did not return in TV episode format until 2005) much question was given as to the canonicity of this movie, which wasn't resolved untl John Smith's diary showed the Eighth Doctor.  As a result, McGann is only really known for this single appearance, a failed back-door pilot by Fox to bring Doctor Who to America, and what a flop it was.  Note: For two reasons, I'm going to ignore radio dramas, books, and comics for two reasons.  1) They are not generally considered to be canon, and 2) I know little about them anyway.