Saturday, March 24, 2012

*Generic Welcome Post*

I feel that an introduction is in order.  Hello, I am Jacob Leuenberger (not the Jacob Leuenberger that is a murderer, mind you!), better known on the internet as Stretch Longfellow, a moniker that I created in middle school after being given the nickname Stretch.  After repeated attempts to shake it, it more or less has stuck, and is also the name I publish the webcomic Spoofy Randomness under (there is a link to the three most recent comics to your right, as well as a RSS feed link to this blog, FYI).  I had taken up blogging about random thoughts on Facebook, but given the recommendations of some of my friends I decided to go public.  I took all of my Facebook posts and put them here as well, but anything from this point on is BRAND NEW STUFF (well, until you've read it).  You will eventually notice a recurring theme of Doctor Who reviews as I analyze each Doctor (if you haven't read my Eighth Doctor review, FOR SHAME), but I intersperse other material as well, such as this next one. (Also, I tend to abuse comments in parentheses.  Fair warning.)

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